Sunday, February 17, 2013


Yes, friends and neighbors, we have reached that insane point in life that realizes all our fears...we definitely have a tyrant behind the bully pulpit, with no need for worry about re-election, and no regard for the Constitution or Congress. Every policy decision has been made years ago, but only now can they ALL be thrown in the pot. Have you noticed how 'fast and furiously' new regs and exec orders are coming at us? The fact that our dear leader can arbitrarily decide what is right and what is wrong is pretty scary. Killer drones...GOOD...Enhanced Interrogation...BAD!

Oh, it's just getting started.!

Sunday, January 27, 2013


A salute to all the fine folks who visit Stilt's great page daily and we all appreciate very much the time and effort that I know it takes to crank out the kind of stuff we all enjoy. My thanks to all the great posts I read and learn by. These next four years are really going to be a trying time for those of us who do not subscribe to post-modern thinking, lying, disgregard for our Constitution, overspending, unfair taxation and unnecessary entitlements at working people's expense. Yes, we are dangerous in many ways, and I pray to God that we don't resemble Soviet Russia in the not too distant future, full of want and fear. It can happen again, sad to say. And I thank you for visiting my little cartoon page occasionally. -PRY

Thursday, January 24, 2013

The 'Social' Budget

WELLLL??? Isn't this the way our 'elected representatives' are handling all the tax dollars we send to them? These turkeys probably voted for u-no-who. I can't even type his name right now!